Welcome to Ananos!

The fork of the fork

Ananos will be the fork of Banano which is the fork of Nano.
Forkception if you will. However, we do already have an asset on the stellar blockchain which will be used alongside the dag-coin.
We are confident this will prove to be of greater convenience, interoperability, and offer easier adoption for exchanges as it can be difficult to integrate cryptocurrencies with a Dag system.
In the end we are a humble offshoot of Banano. For example, Banano has memes about potassium and monkeys.
We have memes about manganese, pineapples, and coming to terms with perceived inferiority.
We aren’t aiming for the moon, we just try our best and do what we can with the cards we were dealt and thats okay.

🍍The plural of Ananos is Ananos.🍍

Get Ananos

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